Don’t Leave Me Hanging On The Telephone [IN MY DAY]

Sometimes watching horror movies in 2016, I find myself feeling old. I once watched a horror movie that took place solely on social media/via Skye etc. Seriously. How have I gotten so old that I remember thinking the Blair Witch Project was actually found on a bunch of buried tapes, to literal ghosts in whatever the hell Snapchat is. I mean I know what it is but still. I sometimes just want to yell at children playing, about how they don’t appreciate horror like we did as youngsters.

A big thing I realized I miss in horror is the role phones have always played.  Now a days, a strange number or blocked call comes to our cell phones and we ignore it. We can dial 911 from a magic computer in our hands. But back in the day! You were tied to the phone like a life line if a killer is coming to get you. What if the line gets cut? Or you call your friend, and a stranger answers. The horror can be endless. So without further adieu some horror movie phone moments.

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