Leibster Award? For Me?! [AWARDS]


I have been nominated by fellow blogger of the macabre Grotesque Ground for a Leibster Award! I was unaware of this award until getting nominated but I am super honoured that they picked me as one of the blogs to honour. I am going to follow up this post with a list of some blogs I would like to nominate but in the mean time I wanted to take a moment to fufill the first half of the award duties which are to list 11 Facts and answer 11 Questions.

The Facts:

  1.  When I was just a little boy of 3, I wanted nothing more to be The Wicked Witch of the West for Halloween. So my mother got me a children’s witch costume and painted me up in green face and drag. It was glorious but no one took any pictures.
  2.  I almost went to art school for photography but ended up going to University to study cinema and ended up studying queer theory.
  3.  I’ve worked as a cashier at a bathhouse, sold sex toys and porn and spent a brief period as a door to door fundraiser before landing my current job.
  4.  I have two black cats. One is little and delicate and the other is obese and loud.
  5.  Outside of horror, two of my biggest loves are Muppets and comic book movies.
  6.  I own over a thousand movies on DVD.
  7.  I love to bake, especially cookies and cupcakes.
  8.  In highschool I played the part of Leroy in our production of Fame, complete with corn-rows.
  9.  I never ever drink coffee or energy drinks just tea.
  10. I always get compliments on furniture in my home but a lot of it is stuff I found on the street from people who didn’t want it anymore.
  11.  I don’t own a single Blu-Ray movie or a blu-ray player.

And now for 11 Answers:

  1. What made you become a blogger? I started making websites when I was a teenager and got into writing later in highschool. In university I wrote an article for one of the school papers and wrote some blog entries to facebook. I ended up getting asked to write a few articles for FAB Magazine and briefly spent time writing a blog for GayGuideToronto. And now I write a blog in hopes that I can help share my love of horror movies with other fans online.
  2. What is the movie that you would recommend anyone to watch? Alfred Hitchcock’s Pyscho is pretty much the Citizen Kane of horror movies and I recommend everyone watch it several times. Especially if you are a horror fan.
  3. What is the movie that you hate but everyone else seems to love? Sharknado. I have such a strong respect for classic terrible movies. Now a days, it is en vogue to purposefully create these beyond stupid monster movies that are just CGI schlock and lack any of the warmth and nostalgia of old school B-movies.
  4. Who are your three favorite directors? John Waters, David Cronenberg and Pedro Almodovar.
  5. What is the fear of yours that would make a great horror movie? I am terrified of home invasions, which make fantastic horror films.
  6. What is your favorite book? The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, American Psycho and Invisible Monsters. So many more that I love: Was, A Wolf At The Table, The Hours and Night.
  7. Do you have a personal favorite post on your blog? I am really proud of my American Horror Story recommendations. Lists of movies to watch that helped inspire the first two seasons. Hopefully I will have one for Coven done soon.
  8. What have you learned recently thanks to blogging? I’ve learned gratitude, and the importance of key word searches and tagging.
  9. If you could live the next two years in any country where would you choose? I currently live in Toronto and have to say I love it in the city but given the choice I would likely move to Germany, Spain or France.
  10. Is there anything else that you would blog about, other than movies? I’d probably write a blog about sex advice. I’ve done some sex ed teaching, including workshops and aftering working at a sex store for years got to be quite knowledgeable about stuff. Like less irritating and self righteous Dan Savage.
  11. What is your dream job? I would love to just own a small revue theatre where I could show my favourite movies, or I would own my own video store (even though they are a dying breed).