Baskin [REVIEW]


Are you ready to be one with the cosmos? – Baba

Going in to Baskin I was expecting Clive Barker level craziness and boy did it deliver! The story concerns a group of cops responding to a call to an abandoned police station who discover hell waiting for them. Thing is, the narrative is more complicated than that. It has a very Lynchian vibe with visions within dreams within nightmares. The film is very gory. Like the goriest I have seen in 2016. But the film does it in such a way that will delight genre fans. The whole film is cast in these beautiful shades of red, purple, blue and yellow. The kind of horror candy that reminds us of Argento before he was making 3D movies with giant praying mantis and visually molesting his grown daughter with his camera. I won’t go deep into the plot because the finer points will spoil it. But I will say, I googled it and I am pretty sure that dude’s lips are real. And by real I mean that they are not prosthetics. Pretty sure someone injected his mug full of silicone in a back alley in Istanbul.

Point of story? If you like movies like Hellraiser, you need to get your eye balls on Baskin.


Nancy One More Time [SHOCKTOBER]


I’m back with another attempt to capitalize on someone else’s popularity more Shocktober! Shocktober is a month long celebration of all this Halloween that was started by Stacy at Final Girl. It’s kinda like that part of the show where Martha Stewart shows pictures of the cakes made by the fans at home. I watched her 2nd film pick ATM, and honestly I can’t with that movie. I tried to review it, but I’m trying to be a better person this weekend and had nothing nice to say beyond it wasn’t so much terrible as painfully mediocre. I had hoped for a super bleak ambiguous ending and when that seemed to be the direction near the end, I was like oh well this justifies this dull ass trapped in the ATM vestibule thing. But then it just went on and on and explained all this stuff that we didn’t need explained. I hate when a movie keeps nudging you being like ‘get it? get it? this is exactly how it all went down!’. Like sorry movie, I figured this all out when you showed the same stuff during the opening credits.

As for her 3rd pick, Baby Blues. It does not appear to be on the Canadian Netflix, so far be it from me to feel included. Thanks Stephen Harper!

But lo and behold, Final Girl‘s attempt to “class up the joint” just happens to be as the kids used to say My Jam!

That’s right everyone one! The best meta horror deconstruction film of the 90s! If you said Scream in your head when you read that, go stand in the corner. The greatest meta horror deconstruction of the 90s is Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. I could literally spend a year of my life knocking on doors and spreading the good word of New Nightmare to the world. It’s just that good.

For those not in the know, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare tells the fictional story of a group of non-fictional people. Wes Craven returned to the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise with a film that tells a story that takes place in our world rather than in Springwood. Heather Langdenkamp who played Nancy Thompson, plays a fictionalized version of herself. She is plagued by some sort of stalker who sends bizarre letters and makes obscene phone calls, all inspired by Freddy Krueger. Soon her son (played by the same child actor who plays Gage in Pet Sematary), begins to exhibit bizarre behaviour after watching part of the first Nightmare film. As the nature of reality begins to warp, Heather struggles to save her family from a primordial evil which has manifested itself within the real world through the power of Freddy’s cult status.

The film is not only a pre-cursor to the meta horror that would become so popular starting with Scream. It is also a truly incredible thought experiment on the idea of Freddy Krueger as this icon that at the time had become like Elvis.

Going back and watching the movie, you realize that it’s not just Heather who is being subtly manipulated. Bob Shay head of Newline Cinema, Wes Craven and Robert Englund all play themselves in the film, to fantastic effect. From Englund playing the lovable ham who is seemingly haunted by nightmares of Freddy, to Bob Shay seemingly threatened into green lighting a new instalment in the franchise despite declaring Freddy Dead years prior. Craven gives a fantastic performance as this meta version of the horror miester who is writing the film as it happens to Heather.

The film itself is even structured similar to the franchise. We start off with the horror mostly centered on Heather’s home, before it travels to hospital to the dream/underworld.

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare is definitely a high water mark in the late Wes Craven’s career. A bit too high brow and smart for the fans that had grown to love the wisecracking asshole Freddy had become, the film didn’t get much recognition upon release. But it will always be the perfect end to a triple feature with of A Nightmare On Elm Street and Dream Warriors.

Sarah Paulson Tweets Twin Role [TELEVISION]

Looks like Sarah Paulson will be playing a set of conjoined twins this fall on American Horror Story: Freak Show. Paulson tweeted the image below saying:

So excited to be playing Bette AND Dot this season. Two heads are better than one!


The fourth installment of American Horror Story is set in 1950s Jupiter, Florida. Jessica Lange will play the German ex-patriot who runs the last freakshow and cares for a gaggle of said ‘freaks’.  The cast includes series mainstays Frances Conroy and Evan Peters along with returning Gaborey Sidbe, Jamie Brewer, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Emma Roberts and Denis O’Hare. American Horror Story: Freakshow debuts October 2014.

American Horror Story Season 4 Subtitle Announced [TELEVISION]


Ryan Murphy has announced the title for the 4th installment of FX’s hit horror anthology series and it is Freakshow. The show will be set in the 1950s and takes place in Jupiter, Florida. Jessica Lange returns for her final installment as a German ex-patriot. Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates are both set to come back, along with Denis O’Hare, Evan Peters, Frances Conroy, Sarah Paulson and Emma Roberts. No mention of Lily Rabe who has been reported as having a pilot in the works which could hinder her ability to star. But it’s likely she will make an appearance at some point as this would be the first season she didn’t have a role. Stay tuned for more news as well as a list of movies to tide you over until the Freakshow returns.

American Horror Story: Freakshow debuts October 12th 2014.

My VCR is Dead! Long Live The VCR!


My VCR died today. It had been living under the TV ignored like a great grand parent that you have so many fond memories of but somehow always neglect to visit. My mom had sent me home from my last visit with some Jiffy Pop, and today I decided to sit down with some pop corn and watch my old VHS copy of Lost Souls. Yes that is right, I still own a VCR and a VHS copy of Lost Souls.

It is a sad day for everyone in my household… Yes I live alone with two cats so actually just a sad day for me. My VCR leaves behind a milk crate of VHS tapes including copies of Andy Warhol’s Dracula, Gods and Monsters and my VHS copy of Ginger Snaps which I still don’t own on DVD for some reason.

I had this VCR since before I could shave and I’ve had a full beard since the end of the Bush Administration. The good news is, my mom has offered me hers when I come to visit and my friend Suzy has one she has offered to donate to Homodrome’s Home for Wayward Movies.

A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge [QUEERS FOR FEARS]


Movie: A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge Year: 1985 Cast: Mark Patton, Kim Myers and Robert Englund

Plot: Child murderer Freddy Kruger returns and attempts to possess the body of a teenage boy who moves into 1428 Elm Street so that he can exist within the waking world and kill again.

Why So Queer? Never was there a slasher that was so overtly gay without the intention of being gay. The main protagonist Jesse is gayer then the day is long. In this installment Freddy essentially represents Jesse’s repressed gay desire. Jesse inexplicably tracks down his sadistic coach at a leather bar and goes with him to the school gym in the middle of the night. Freddy then takes over and murders the coach. A similar scenario plays out with Jesse’s buddy Grady. And to top it all off Jesse is able to defeat Freddy through his sheer will power and feigned heterosexuality.

The director claims he had no such intention and Mark Patton has said he was coming to terms with being gay during the period in which he starred in the film. In 1985 most people didn’t even know what gay was, so this some how managed to be wildly successful. The franchise spanning documentary Never Sleep Again offers an in length examination of the sheer queerness of the film. It is worth checking out for anyone who is a fan of Freddy, whether he represents the dark secret of a group of parents come back to haunt them or the emotional conflict of getting a boner in gym.