Penny Dreadful [TELEVISION]


Showtime has finally released a full trailer for their new show Penny Dreadful, and I have to say I am impressed. The show will revolve around iconic literary characters from classic horror stories including Dorian Gray, Doctor Frankenstein and his creation as well as what appears to be possibly a Mummy and characters from Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula.

What really impresses me about the trailer is the high quality production values the show has. They seem to have perfectly captured the essence of the era and the mood of horror in Victorian London. Not to mention the incredibly talented cast which features Eva Green (Cracks) and Josh Hartnett (30 Days Of Night) along with Billie Piper and Helen McCroy (aka Rose from Doctor Who and Narcissa Malfoy from Harry Potter).

Horror on TV is currently the big thing, but it’s been a mixed bag. The Walking Dead continues to not live up to it’s true potential, NBC’s Dracula is destined to be left at a single season, and don’t even get me started on the hot mess that has become many of the soapy likes of True Blood or Vampire Diaries. But this looks like it has the perfect combination of star power, production value and a fresh new take on classic characters. We won’t know until May, but this actually looks like it could be on par with shows like American Horror Story and Hannibal.


The Bloody Horror Collection [TRAILERS]


As an obsessive horror fan who also may or may not be a DVD hoarder, I am always picking up movies from discount bins, previously viewed racks, video store closings and friends purging their collections. As a result I have a butt ton of DVDs, and a large percentage of those are fall under the category of Horror. The great thing about horror movies is that just like old classic films from the Golden Age of Hollywood, they are often collected into discount bin sets. They usually revolve around a common theme (Bela Legosi, zombies, 70s exploitation etc).

One such collection is the Bloody Horror Collection. I got this three disc set from a friend turned co-worker who was purging their home of clutter and in the process converting all of his DVDs to digital files to save space. A former employee at HMV he had several binders that held 500 discs each full of movies (a great deal of them horror). As he slowly converted them I would sort through them and pay him a dollar for each movie/disc. It’s how I managed to build an epic collection of horror that other wise would of taken me decades to afford.

The Bloody Horror Collection is 9 movies including the classic Dario Argento film Deep Red. The thing is that it’s presented on the front of the disc as “The Hatchet Murders” so at first glance the disc seems like it is full of turds. But it’s actually chock full of some great looking flicks. Here are the trailers for all the films on the disc: