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Jason Voorhees [THE MANY FACES OF]

Friday the 13th is tomorrow! To celebrate I will be attempting to marathon the whole franchise and making smores! (OK not actual smores since fire and apartment buildings don’t go well together, but smores inspired snacks). As a celebration of everyone’s favorite mentally disabled drowning victim turned unstoppable teenage killing machine, here is a look back at the many faces of Jason Voorhees. And yes I am choosing to ignore the fact that technically Jason didn’t really appear in A New Beginning (just an imposter and some hallucinations).

Friday-the-13th-Jason-lake-jump-Adrienne-King-Ari-Lehman Friday-the-13th-Part-2 jason friday-the-13th-part-4-the-final-chapter1 1378876868_2 Jason Lives Friday the 13th Part VI 29 friday71 Jason-Takes-Manhattan-jason-voorhees-26490719-1280-720 7B8rXRsSgn Jason.X freddy-vs-jason-promo-02 friday-the-13th-reboot-2009