10 Signs You Can’t Wait For A New Supreme To Rise [LIST]

American Horror Story Coven concludes tonight as a new Supreme rises. And if you are anything like the rest of the interwebs then you are simply shivering with anticipation on who will live, who will die and most importantly who will be crowned Americas Next Drag Superstar Supreme. Here are 10 signs you can’t hardly wait to find out if it will be Zoe, Misty, Madison or Queenie (or Cordelia’s witch hunter baby?)

10: You demand complete and utter silence from anyone in the room.


9. You keep talking to the television as if they can actually hear you. Specifically you keep yelling at Madison.


8. You keep wondering what kind of hijinks the coven will get up to. Will there be another cat fight? Will someone be burned at the stake?


7. You keep telling everyone who will listen how you hope Nan, Fiona or another dead character will pop up ala Madison.

tumblr_mxc9d5BtUB1rrwwbao1_5006. You are stuck avoiding social media and blogs like the plague for fear of spoilers. 


5. You act super happy but are actually a nervous wreck.   yay

4. And really you are just pissed off cause it’s another 10 months til a new season.


3. And you have no idea how you will endure the never ending Winter without your girls.


2. But who cares? At least you won’t be left hanging about what happens to the characters like when a show gets cancelled.

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1.  Most importantly you can’t wait to have your mind blown by the amazing crazy train that is American Horror Story.


Who Will Be The New Supreme? [TELEVISION]



Each installment of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s balls to the ways horror anthology American Horror Story leaves us with a question going into the final episodes of the show. First we wondered if any of the Harmons would escape the Murder House and just what would become of Vivian and Tate’s son?  Asylum followed the final girl horror trope to the very end, taking us through the deaths and even an alien abduction until intrepid reporter Lana Winters was the last one left standing. And this season facing the finale, fans are left with the question: Who will be the next Supreme?

At this point going into the finale almost anyone is fair game to be the new supreme. Here I will discuss the reasons each might and might not be the supreme leader of the Salem Witches. First we will only consider those who have thus been identified as witches. This means Delphine LaLaurie, Franken-Kyle, Spalding and Patti Lupone won’t be queen of the witches. We will also dimiss the witches council including Myrtle since they are all of the same generation as Fiona. That also means Stevie Nicks will not be reprising her melodic if wooden cameo. And finally, I think it is safe to say that Nan and Marie Laveau will not be escaping Papa Legba to rise to take the crown.

Now lets get down to our candidates. We will discuss what if any of the Seven Wonders they have performed, reasons why they may be the new Supreme and reasons why they likely won’t be. So without further adieu, may the best woman win!


Misty Day was prematurely pronounced the new Supreme when the coven attempted to perform the Sacred Taking and drive current Supreme B Fiona to suicide. They didn’t get Fiona to off herself, but with witch hunters out for blood, Misty moved into the Academy along with the other potentials. Thus far Misty’s powers have been largely confined to resurgence. She has also placed the grave diggers under a trance, teleported to New Orleans and used telekinesis to grab a knife. She managed to bring herself back from the dead but couldn’t escape a coffin. I don’t think coffins are like witch traps?

We’ll make that 4 out of 7 Wonders. Telekinsis – Concillium – Transmutation – Vitalia Vitalus


Zoe Benson is the most obvious choice as the narrator to be the Supreme. She represents our view point into the Coven and is arguably the most ‘normal’ of the girls (by TV standards). When Madison is cruel, Zoe stands as a kind counter point. she is literally the worst when the cops come knocking. She is also kind of a hypocrite; She freaked out on Queenie for killing the homeless rapist who tried to attack her but stabbed Spalding like it was nothing. She could also just be the victim of manic characterization from the writers. As far as powers go Zoe has got a few. She has her black widow lady bits power, she has moved stuff with her mind on several occasions, convinced Kyle they are happy together and using vitalis to bring that homeless guy back to life. She also stopped the zombies, brought the Axeman to the mortal coil and divined that Nan was murdered.

That’s 4 out of 7 Wonders. Telekinisis – Concillium – Vitalum Vitalis – Divination


Madison was first ruled out as the next Supreme when Fiona killed her and she died. She also has a heart murmur. But then Misty pulled a Jesus and not only brought her back but fixed her bum ticker. She has exhibited several powers. First and foremost she moves things with her mind. She also can start fires, whether they be curtains or lighting a smoke. She also managed to transmutate or teleport when Cordelia tried to touch her. She might of coerced that man to walk into traffic, but if she did then why did she have Misty enchant the grave diggers. And she did bring that guy back from the dead. She could be the new supreme, but she is too much like Fiona.

She earns 4.5 out of 7 Wonders, a half point deducted for lack of clarity. Telekinisis – Transmutation – Pyrokensis – Concillium – Vitalum Vitalis


Queenie is full disclaimer by pick for new queen of the witches. I think she deserves it the most after all the shit she has been through. Not to mention her extraordinary efforts to redeem the irredeemable LaLaurie. She managed to survive a Minotaur and two silver bullets. She has her voodoo doll power which isn’t one of the wonders. She has exhibited telekensis multiple times. She also divined that the blood was Marie’s in the green house. She used vitalis to bring back Misty. To top it all off she descended to hell and communed with Papa Legba to bring about vengeance for Marie by ending Delphine’s immortal life. And it’s implied she teleported into Delphine’s house. She tore out those bricks, and brought Misty back like no bodies business and her trip to hell was essentially as easy as doing a Google Search for the where abouts of Marie.

Queenie comes the closest with 5 of the 7 Wonders. The descent to hell is more difficult than mind control. Telekinisis – Divination – Transmutation – Vitalum Vitalis – Descensum 


A lot of people online have speculated that Cordelia is the heir to the throne of the coven. This is a possibility. Knowing Murphy and co. anything is possible. Thus far she has not exhibited nearly as much power as any of the girls. However in the most recent episode Fiona tells her that her power of sight never left it was within her. It is strongly implied that Cordelia’s  lack of powers is less to do with said powers and more to do with her own lack of self worth. Essentially that living in the shadow of Fiona has crippled her emotionally thus stunting her powers. She does however possess telekinisis, an affinity for green magic, healing spells and the sight definitely would count under the umbrella of divination.  The other theory is that her fertility spell worked and she is pregnant with the next supreme. That is less likely then Cordy being queen, but who knows?

Cordelia is the worst bet with 2 out of 7  Wonders. Telekinsis – Divination


The final option is that Fiona has orchestrated her own faux demise with the intent on carrying out the murder of the coven. Could she have done something to the Axe Man’s mind? Would they really fake us out and then have them all killed before the Supreme is revealed? Yes, they totally could. This is the show that killed off it’s entire core cast with the only surviving person on the opening credits Jessica Lange.

Fiona IS the Supreme! She has exhibited 6 out of the 7 Wonders on the show thus far. And you could likely count summoning Papa Legba as Descenum! Giving her good ole lucky 7. 

In a few days time it will all be over with. But with this show the last hour spent with our favourite Coven could yield just about any results. American Horror Story Coven concludes with The Seven Wonders this Wednesday 10pm on FX.