At The Devil’s Door [REVIEW]


I want you to go to where the roads meet, and say your name. – The Thin Man

As a horror nut, I end up watching a lot of movies. I’ve seen a good chunk of the films that show up on top 10 lists for scariest horror flicks. I don’t get spooked easily. That is to say, it takes more than your run of the mill Saw or Final Destination movie to freak me out. Last night I was faced with a choice of watching another terrible episode of True Blood, or check out a well reviewed horror flick called At The Devil’s Door. After my download of True Blood wouldn’t work, I took it as a sign and settled down with my cats to check out the movie. I am trying not to over hype this movie, but it’s pretty fucking great.

The movie tells the story of Hanna, who falls in love with a boy while vacationing in California. It’s 1987 and when the boy convinces her to play a mysterious game with a creepy old man in exchange for 500 smackeroos, she says why not? What follows is an incredibly creepy and well crafted story of possession and the Devil.

The film plays out in a style that reminded me of The Grudge, in that it tells three loosely related stories. In the 80s we have Hanna, who enjoys standing at the cross roads and shoes. In the modern day we have Leigh, a real estate agent tasked with selling Hanna’s old house in the present day. I won’t spoil the third act/storyline, but suffice to say they manage to fit a ton into a very short running time. The film never feels rushed or over stuffed. Instead we are treated to innovative and stylish takes on standard possession horror tropes. The terror is complemented by some of the best light touches of CGI and some great practical effects.

It’s hard to get into the plot too much without spoiling things, but any fan of quality horror films and possession tales need to check this gem out. It’s currently on Video on Demand, and well worth it.


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