Movie: Jack & Diane Year: 2012 Cast: Riley Keough, Juno Temple, Kylie Minogue

Plot: Adorable baby dyke Jack meets mysterious rag-a-muffin Diane and off kilter lesbian hipster romance blooms. But faced with inevitable separation when Diane leaves for school, things get hairy.

Why So Queer: The film takes the puberty-sexual awakening-werewolf metaphor and give it a 21st century make over. Diane the femme is the one struggling with visions of a horrifying werewolf, violent dreams and nose bleeds. Equal parts mumble-core romance and werewolf body horror. And for those who scoff at the love between a hipster baby dyke and a British werewolf rag-a-muffin, I say to you “Kylie Minogue as a tattooed slightly predatory lesbian.” That is right, Kylie can sing, dance AND molest Elvis’s grand daughter!


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