Sleepaway Camp [QUEERS FOR FEARS]


Movie: Sleepaway Camp Year: 1983 Cast: Mike Kellin, Katherine Kamhi, Paul DeAngelo, Jonathan Tiersten and Felissa Rose.

Plot: Orphaned as a child Angela attends camp only to be subject of bullying by peer and counselor alike and is almost molested. And when campers start dying all while Paul tries to hit on shy Angela. But not all is as it seems at Camp Arawak.

Why So Queer: SPOILER WARNING The film opens with the death of Angela’s brother Peter and her father while her dad’s lover looks on. Angela has flashbacks to seeing her father and his gay lover in bed together when Paul tries to kiss her. The transphobic cherry on top is that Angela is actually brother Peter. Raised as Angela by a crazy aunt after Angela died along with their father. Peter assumed the identity of Angela was driven mad by gender dysphoria and seeing daddy doing butt stuff. The film ends with a male bodied actor in Angela drag full dangly bits on display. Definitely not for those easily offended, it is an ultimate queer horror cult classic.


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