Horror Movies for Pride [LISTS]

June is LGBTQ Pride Month! And while I often cover horror with a queer bent , I thought I would round up some suggestions for the horror hounds looking for something a little queer. These movies don’t all have explicitly queer content, and this is by no means a comprehensive list of horror movies with LGBT content, or even a list of the best. Just a few great flicks to enjoy with fellow friends of Dorothy.


The Craft Need I say more? Catholic school misfit witches use and abuse the mystic arts to get back at mean girls and get boys. Pure 90s realness. A cult classic among any of us who went through that awkward goth phase in highschool.


The Hunger David Bowie’s Tilda Swinton Vibe, Susan Sarandon’s super dykey hair cut and high waisted thong, Kathrine Deneuve as a ice queen vampire queen. The ways in which this is perfect for Pride are beyond measure. Come for the nipples, stay for the blood.al pacino cruising 1980

Cruising Al Pacino does poppers in a gay club while wearing a low cut tank top. Laughably out of date and offensive stereotypes abound as Pacino searches for a killer of gay men. Spoiler Alert: You’ll be offended and possibly a little turned on.

Annex - Karloff, Boris (Bride of Frankenstein, The)_03

The Bride of Frankenstein The saddest movie on this list. The monstrous creature seeks a mate only to be faced with rejection and scorn. And why the hell is Dr. Frankenstein so keen on ditching his fiancee to go make science with the fruity Dr. Pretorius?


Dahmer A young Jeremy Renner comes off shy and adorable as infamous gay killer cannibal in this biopic. It’s a testament to the performance that you feel any sympathy for a guy who takes dudes home to make them into sex zombies via power drill and draino.

Bride of Chucky Yeah, yeah, Seed is queerer. But while trans Glen(da) is played for jokes, the gay best friend in Bride is one of the best queer portrayals in a big horror film to date. Bonus points for Tiffany’s transformation from basic to bad bitch to the tune of Blondie’s Call Me.

Hostel: Part II Who expected the sequel to Eli Roth’s torture porn ode to obnoxious American backpackers would turn out to be so nonchalantly queer? The fact that the gorgeous female lead is the gay lady, not actual lesbian Heather Matarazzo. That she’d end up one of the most bad ass final girls of the decade. It also managed to dissect the kind of mind that would pay to torture a person.hellraiserbdcap3_original

Hellraiser Damn Julia is the definition of thirsty. She does anything and everything to recreate the perfect fuck. Haven’t we all been Julia at one point? And the Cenobite’s ensembles by Hellbound Leather are the things sadomasochistic fever dreams are made of.noes2_-jessegrady

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge I’ve spoken about this one before. It all boils down to the coach’s love of leather. Grady the 80s wet dream come to life. And the fact that Jesse is for all intents and purposes a big ole homo.Picture-17-e1350617618705

Fright Night Vampires pretending to be gay. Amanda Bearse. Roddy McDowell. Evil Ed ended up making gay porn in real life. Planet_Terror_0258

Planet Terror The Robert Rodriquez half of his double feature team up with Tarantino Grindhouse. The lead character starts the film off with plans to leave her husband for her beautiful lesbian lover. But as it goes, a viral out break causes death and societal breakdown. tumblr_mpyh1cRioz1rx420io8_1280

May May is a social out cast without any friends, so she makes one. A pre-fame Anna Faris plays a sexually aggressive vet tech. Angela Betis at her weird girl finest sewing together body parts and getting moist watching student films about cannibals.We-Are-What-We-Are_11

Somo Lo Que Hay [We Are What We Are] A family which engages in ritual cannibalism deals with the fall out of the patriarch’s death. When oldest son Alfredo brings a guy home from a gay bar for dinner, but his homophobic brother doesn’t want to eat a gay.

So there you have it, a few suggestions for horror flicks this Pride Month. Make sure to check back for more queer horror content.


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