Only Lovers Left Alive [REVIEW]

only_lovers_left_alive_ver3_xlgThat was visual. – Eve

Sometimes you hear so much about a film. A film with great stars. A film with an interesting premise. I’ve heard so much about Only Lovers, that I went into it expecting something. I am not sure what I expected, and I guess that is my problem not this movie’s. But at the end of the film my friend and I looked at each other and said, “That’s it?”

Only Lovers Left Alive tells the story of Adam (British darling of the Internet and mother effing Loki! Tom Hiddleston) a sad sack vampire living in seclusion in Detroit. His wife Eve (Tilda FUCKING Swinton) travels from Tangiers to Detroit to visit with him. Eve’s sister shows up, and causes drama. The plot is incredibly simple, and dare I say non-existent. And while the performances are captivating, the film suffers from it’s lanquid pace and general lack of a compelling narrative. Everything about the film is great, except the story. Characters are well drawn and interesting. The film is a beautifully dark and moody affair. But it just lacked any kind of tension. You only ever really care about the vampires and being vampires they aren’t really ever in much danger. You will laugh, you will swoon, but don’t go in with great expectations. That shit will ruin it for you. Thanks a lot Dickens.


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