Hannibal Season 1 & 2 [NETFLIX]

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Anyone who has read this blog likely knows I am absolutely OBSESSED with Bryan Fuller’s darkly gorgeous and brilliant series Hannibal. I mean I am always yacking about it. I badger co-workers into watching it and may have shouted at a stranger in a super market to give it a try. And now I am here to shout at you, people of the interwebs. For those of you in the terrible land of America, Amazon Prime has the exclusive rights to stream Hannibal. BUT if you are among the lucky Canadians (and possibly other countries? I’m not tight with any Swedes but if you’re reading this let me know in the comments if it’s streaming in your country).

Canadian Netflix is currently streaming both seasons. Both seasons? You ask! But wasn’t the finale like a month ago? Yes my dear it was! Netflix Canada seems to have had it almost as soon as it was done broadcasting. And now that it has been renewed for a third season, why not give it a go? The second season is even better than the first. The twists! The cinematography! The cannibal puns! It’s everything you ever wanted from a television show. And it trumps critical darlings like True Detective in just about every single aspect. It’s better than American Horror Story: Pick a Season. It is possibly one of the best shows ever.

So go on, fork over your 8 dollars and get to streaming! And for my non-Canadian readers, I’m not sure how to get Canadian Netflix? I don’t think it’s a thing per say since most content is American-exclusive. But our Netflix also has such delights as the 90s X-Men cartoon! So maybe it’s worthy trying? I dunno, or go fork over mad money to Amazon. It’s your body money, do what you want with it.


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