The Sacrament [REVIEW]


Help me mother – Andre

I went into Ti West’s The Sacrament with some pretty high expectations. I worship at the altar of his period piece slow boil House of the Devil. It’s premise seemed promising, a found footage fictionalized account of a Jamestown-esque cult. What resulted was a movie that would likely have been incredibly innovative if I wasn’t remotely familiar with the Jonestown Massacre.

Ti West essentially recounts the events of the infamous cult which left over 900 men, women and children dead. The names change, and we follow a camera crew from the actual magazine Vice. But the found footage angle seems less like a stylistic choice and more a way to produce a movie cheaply. The cult leader gives off a Marlon Brando in The Island of Dr. Moreau vibe but all in all the film fails to impress. West’s talents would be much better utilized if the film was a direct adaptation of events and exchanged the Blair Witch vibe, for a more structured traditional cinematic format.


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