My VCR is Dead! Long Live The VCR!


My VCR died today. It had been living under the TV ignored like a great grand parent that you have so many fond memories of but somehow always neglect to visit. My mom had sent me home from my last visit with some Jiffy Pop, and today I decided to sit down with some pop corn and watch my old VHS copy of Lost Souls. Yes that is right, I still own a VCR and a VHS copy of Lost Souls.

It is a sad day for everyone in my household… Yes I live alone with two cats so actually just a sad day for me. My VCR leaves behind a milk crate of VHS tapes including copies of Andy Warhol’s Dracula, Gods and Monsters and my VHS copy of Ginger Snaps which I still don’t own on DVD for some reason.

I had this VCR since before I could shave and I’ve had a full beard since the end of the Bush Administration. The good news is, my mom has offered me hers when I come to visit and my friend Suzy has one she has offered to donate to Homodrome’s Home for Wayward Movies.


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