A Field In England [REVIEW]

7teaserprintOpen up and let the devil in. – Whitehead

Ben Wheatley is the darling of British cinema at the moment thanks to hits like the phenomenal Kill List. Going into A Field In England, I didn’t have much in the way of expectations. I simply expected that it would be incredibly strange and polarizing as is his films are known to be.

What I got was a complete trip that felt like Tarantino meets Bergman. Filmed in black and white in a field, it concerns a mushroom fueled search for buried treasure which descends into madness and death. It’s a testament to Wheatley’s skill that he can take such a small film brimming with psychedelic moments and make it feel like art rather then a sloppy pile of cliches. A Field will be a film which perfectly reflects the magnificent resurgent of high brow horror we are currently in. This might be a bit too art house, then I suggest checking out Kill List which to this day blows my mind when I think about the ending.


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