10 Signs You Can’t Wait For A New Supreme To Rise [LIST]

American Horror Story Coven concludes tonight as a new Supreme rises. And if you are anything like the rest of the interwebs then you are simply shivering with anticipation on who will live, who will die and most importantly who will be crowned Americas Next Drag Superstar Supreme. Here are 10 signs you can’t hardly wait to find out if it will be Zoe, Misty, Madison or Queenie (or Cordelia’s witch hunter baby?)

10: You demand complete and utter silence from anyone in the room.


9. You keep talking to the television as if they can actually hear you. Specifically you keep yelling at Madison.


8. You keep wondering what kind of hijinks the coven will get up to. Will there be another cat fight? Will someone be burned at the stake?


7. You keep telling everyone who will listen how you hope Nan, Fiona or another dead character will pop up ala Madison.

tumblr_mxc9d5BtUB1rrwwbao1_5006. You are stuck avoiding social media and blogs like the plague for fear of spoilers. 


5. You act super happy but are actually a nervous wreck.   yay

4. And really you are just pissed off cause it’s another 10 months til a new season.


3. And you have no idea how you will endure the never ending Winter without your girls.


2. But who cares? At least you won’t be left hanging about what happens to the characters like when a show gets cancelled.

fionagoodgif.gif w=529

1.  Most importantly you can’t wait to have your mind blown by the amazing crazy train that is American Horror Story.



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