Warm Bodies [REVIEW]

HQ-new-poster-Julie-and-R-warm-bodies-movie-32753563-1000-1480Like, I wish the internet was still working so I could look up what’s wrong with you – Nora

If Edward ScissorHands was a love letter to the old black and white Vincent Price movies then Warm Bodies is a love letter to Return Of The Living Dead and Romero flicks. It’s funny bizarre and heart warming (pun intended). Features a creepy but ultimately sexy lead. And most importantly has a makeover scene and features extensive zombies in airports. Zombies in airports I now realize are the best kind. Who needs Zombies in prison or on farms when you can have them at the airport?!

At this point you may be thinking ‘Bitch, where you been? This shit is bananas!’ And to that I respond much like Rose Nylund with a story: When this came out someone told me they saw it and it sucked. I can’t for the life of me remember who it was. But it was somebody who has good taste in movies. And from there on out, I just assumed it sucked. And now here I am eating some humble pie, or crow or whatever applicable food metaphor is used in this instance.

It has the perfect blend of romantic teen dramedy mixed with obvious respect for classic zombie flicks. It manages to completely subvert the genre in a fun silly and sweet way without completely offending my inner horror hound. Bonus points are also awarded for some really cool zombie make up which is an obvious nod to Scissorhands. I even kinda liked the ‘bonies’ which usually that amount of CGI makes my nuts crawl up inside my body. But some how they managed to make it work. I wonder if when I am in my 40s Hot Topic will be selling ‘retro’ Warm Bodies t-shirts? And if they already do I don’t want to know.



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