Helix is looking to be not only one of the better original programs produced by SyFy (I am a big fan of their remake of Being Human and Showcase’s Lost Girl which they co-produce). Rather then try and tell a story with an epic scale like many genre shows have tried lately (The Walking Dead is likely the best example), Helix tells a rather confined story that it’s roots in films like Ridley Scott’s Alien and John Carpenter’s The Thing. A group of CDC agents along with a military engineer travel to the Arctic Circle after two scientists are killed and a third left infected by what is at first believed to be a retro-virus. But what awaits the team is more then a simple virus.

The first two episodes which aired Friday back to back, deliver very solid sci-fi, a tense story and despite a few moments of sub par CG (the monkeys and rats) a good chunk of the effects are very solid considering they are’t on HBO. The show is stylishly shot, well acted and is being heralded as the first big hit of the year.


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