You’re Next [REVIEW]


“Fuck it!” – Erin

Adam Wingard has been a rising star in the horror community for a while. I saw his flick A Horrible Way To Die earlier this year on Netflix and was blown away by the refreshing storyline and twist ending. He also worked segments for V.H.S and V.H.S 2.

You’re Next is a fun, violent home invasion flick that takes several clever twists. When a family gets together to celebrate their parent’s 35 anniversary at their secluded country home things take a bloody turn when men in animal masks start to attack.

Without going into the several plot twists which really elevated this film I will say it was incredibly clever and a true treat for horror fans. Erin who is meeting her boyfriend’s parents for the first time is an incredibly compelling final girl. She reminds me of the kind of final girls many fans grew up on.

Watching it in the theatre I found myself struck by how the film seemed as though it could easily have been out of France and was almost like a less bloody version of a lot of French Horror that has come out over the past decade. It also has a great score straight out of the 80s.

So what I’m trying to say is get out and see this movie!


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