Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil [Review]


Wolf Rape! Wolf Rape! – The Satanic Minions & Atticus Senior

I have never reviewed a TV show on my blog before. But after watching Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil I really wanted to blog about it. For those unfamiliar with this gem of a show the plot goes something like this: Todd Smith is a stoner slash student at Crowley High who along with his gang of friends tries to stop The Book Of Pure Evil from causing mayhem and carnage at the school. Along with Todd, we have best friend and fellow stoner Curtis who has a prosthetic arm, Hanna B. the super science-y ginger and of course the smoking hot vaguely promiscuous Jenny. Rounding out the cast is Atticus Murphy Jr. the guidance counselor who is also a Satanist trying to get the book so he can rule the world. And Jimmy the stoner man slut janitor played by Jason Mewes of Jay and Silent Bob fame.

The show is essentially the stoner love child of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Evil Dead II. Each week the book appears to a student who then uses it to resolve something in their lives they have a problem with. Pretty much every episode involves several students being murdered as a result of the book, in incredibly gory ways no less. The show is all kinds of hilarious. Not to mention both seasons feature a MUSICAL EPISODE (bitches know I loves me some fucking musical episodes). In the second season we get another one of my favorite episodes when we see what the world would be like if Todd hadn’t been around (a lovely homage to The Wish ep. of Buffy). Bonus points for the incredibly adorable Alex House who plays Todd and the cameo of his rear. 

Unfortunately Space (the Canadian answer to SyFy) decided not to renew it for a 3rd season but for my American readers with Netflix (and my fellow Canadians with American Netflix) can stream all 26 episodes. It is a hilarious show full of stoner humor, metal, gore, practical effects and jokes about Satan and wolf rape. I for one hope that we will get a low budget movie to resolve the cliff hanger in the final episode. So what are you waiting for? Grab a spliff and get watching!


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