The Cabin In The Woods [REVIEW]


Yes, you had “Zombies.” But this is “Zombie Redneck Torture Family.” Entirely separate thing. It’s like the difference between an elephant and an elephant seal. -Sitterson

Warning: If you have not watched this movie don’t read this review. It is nearly impossible to talk about it without giving away plot points which are essential. 

The Cabin In The Woods is  my top horror flick and possibly my top film period of 2012. It is the kind of movie that when we are all in our 50s, teens will discover it much in the way we discovered gems like Suspiria, Dawn Of The Dead or The Thing in our youth.

Cab tells the seemingly typical story of 5 college students on their way to an old abandoned cabin in the woods {OH YEAH}. However unlike various movies like this before [Evil Dead, Cabin Fever etc] there is SO much more happening. In a massive underground complex a organization of scientists, engineers and government officials are orchestrating everything they do.

What results is one of the most brilliant homages to classic 80s horror films and simultaneously a thoughtful and hilarious examination of why we as a society enjoy not only horror films but violent forms of entertainment in general.

Throw in some of the best practical creature effects in years, Joss Whedon style snappy dialogue, hundreds of gallons of blood and what will go down in history as the best genre cameo ever in the final act; and the result is what is destined to become a horror classic and required viewing for horror fans of every age. Most importantly the movie gets better every time you watch it. Please please do yourself a favor and add this to your collection. It belongs on the shelf next to classics like Hellraiser, Evil Dead, Psycho. Perfect for a complete newbie and hardcore horror hounds alike.


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