ParaNorman [REVIEW]


You’re gonna love my boyfriendHe’s like a total chick-flick nut – Mitch

When I was a wee lil homo my favourite movies were the ones which were essentially geared towards kids but totally not appropriate for them. Gremlins, The Dark Crystal, Return To Oz, Beetlejuice and The Addams Family were amazing, spooky and definitely not preferred viewing for the easily scared kiddies. Paranorman is very much in the vein of movies from that era. Zombies, inappropriate sexual moments (freeze framing mom’s aerobic tape anyone?). That sensibility pairs perfectly with the subject matter and epic stop motion work (from the people who did Coraline) make for the perfect combination of zombies and heart.

Norman Babcock can talk to dead people. Rather then being some Haley Joel Osment wannabe he is a zombie flick loving outcast whose best friend is the ghost of his dead Grandma. When the ghost of a local town weirdo (and his estranged uncle) Mr. Pendergrast tells him he is the only person who can stop a witches curse he embarks on an epic adventure to save the town with the help of his new friend Neil, the town bully and his older boycrazy sister and Neil’s roidtard older brother. I won’t ruin what happens in the third act but the film reveals itself to be equal parts hilarious and completely heart warming with the perfect message about being an outcast and misunderstood. Being victimized can all too often lead to victimizing others. And being afraid is ok, as long as you don’t let it change who you are.

A perfect flick for grown horror hounds with a soft spot for spooky stop motion or the lil weirdo in the making in your life. Check it out on DVD and Bluray.


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