Office Killer [REVIEW]


For those of you who cannot keep pace with such changes, be forewarned, you will be terminated.- Dorine

Office Killer has been on my to watch list since I was 17. On a school trip to NYC my uber cool friend Caitlin insisted on checking out this photography retrospective at The MOMA while we were there. That photographer’s name was Cindy Sherman and she is brilliant and a true talent. When we got back she kept talking about this movie directed by the photographer featuring Molly Ringwald. Well today I finally got around to checking it out on Netflix. Turns out it also happens to stare none other then Carol Kane. As in Carol “Have you checked the children”/”The calls are coming from inside the house” Kane of When A Stranger Calls.

The basic story is Dorine (Kane) is a lonely copy editor with a dark past. After accidentally electrocuting her lecherous boss she begins to exact revenge on her office mates for mistreatment and recent bout of lay offs. What results is a strikingly funny surprisingly gory at times little movie. Wonderfully shot and featuring inspiring performances the movie is essentially Serial Mom meets May. It is on US Netflix, so now is a perfect time with all this snow the east is getting to snuggle up and enjoy some blood and laughter.


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