Mulberry St. [REVIEW]

mulberry street poster

Whatever you do don’t go into the hallway – Clutch

The After Dark Horrorfest 8 Films to Die For has released some of my favourite horror flicks of the 00s. Lake Mungo, Frontier(s), The Deaths Of Ian Stone, Borderland and Dread are among the movies they released along with Lions Gate as part of 4 collections. And likely cause they are horror and people don’t give horror any credit a ton of these flicks have ended up in discount bins. I picked up Mulberry St. for 2.99 without having seen a trailer, read a review or heard anything about it. The back said it was scary and there were zombies. Obviously I was sold.

What I did not expect was an incredibly well made super low budget flick that would entertain and even move me. The basic plot revolves around a group of people living in a walk up in New York City on Mulberry St. Clutch (Nick Damici of Stakeland) is a sexy daddy type with a mustache  His daughter Casey has just arrived in the US from deployment in the middle east and is on her way home. Clutch lives with Coco a drag queen (we see pictures of him performing) who was a friend of Casey’s deceased mother and a surrogate mother figure to Casey. There are also a couple old men, the gross super and a blond German woman who has a mad boner for Clutch, and a rowdy teenage son.

Rats start biting people on subways and in their homes and next thing you know people are turning into human ray hybrids. It sounds super corny SYFY made for TV movie but it is done super well. While the acting is often what you expect from a horror flick it has some truly moving moments near the end when characters you actually like begin to meet their ends.

Jim Mickle went on to direct the criminally under seen vampire-zombie flick Stakeland and is directing the remake of We Are What We Are due out this year. Fans of original and well done zombie flicks should definitely add this to their list of movies to watch. I have high hopes for Mickle who seems to be on the rise both in fame and talent.


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