Kiss Of The Damned [REVIEW]


Xenia, It’s Mimi she is out of control – Djuna

Kiss Of The Damned is a throwback to the 1970s arthouse vampire flicks that seemed to be coming out of Europe at the time. It plays like a modern Hammer film. It plays vampire mythology the way it was played long before film makers started playing fast and loose. No sun light, a bite makes you a vampire. Decapitation, sunlight and fire kill them.

It is nice to see sexy old school vampires in the movies. Despite it’s low budget the film looks great, uses practical effects to great effect and the movie’s vampires are classy and above all else hungry. Not purposefully cruel but rather victims of their own base nature.

Throw in a heavy helping of sex, tits and Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes, The Divide) in all his bearded beefcake glory; and you have a movie that while not doing that much new with the genre, gives us everything that genre fans loved about bloodsuckers. And it gets bonus points for a simple but delightful score, the best maid since Rocky Horror’s Magenta, and make sure to keep an eye out for a pie hat! Seriously what the fuck is up with that hat?


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