Insidious Chapter Two [REVIEW]


In my line of work things tend to happen when it gets dark. – Elise

The first Insidious is one of the best horror movies to achieve mainstream success in recent years. What works so well about the sequel Insidious Chapter 2 is that rather then simply offer the first film with slightly different characters and twists (something all too common in horror sequels these days), James Wan gives us a direct continuation of the first film.

It doesn’t just rehash the first film. It expands everything about the film. It is fan service in the best way possible. Casting Jocelin Donahue has a young Barbara Hershey was inspired and perfect casting. The less we say about the decision to dub Lin Shaye’s voice over the actress playing her flashback counter part the better…

Insidious Chapter 2 has entered the ranks of horror sequels who stand on their own as unique quality films which aren’t simply an attempt to cash in on the success of the original film.


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