Dead Snow [REVIEW]


Where the fuck did you get a machine gun from? – Roy

I am always ranting to whoever will listen that Europe is kicking North America’s ass when it comes to horror. I’ll be in line buying catfood and telling strangers the virtues of The New French Extremity or buying wine and going on to the wonders coming out of Britain. And ya total cat lady man troubles… But now I am going to have to add Norway to my list cause Dead Snow was all kinds of awesome. Zombies! Nazi zombies! Nazi zombies in the SNOW! How have I never seen it before now? It is the most basic set up ever. Group of friends head to cabin in the woods snowy mountains of Norway. They are then warned of the evils lurking by a crazy old man. And then of course zombie Nazis attack and standard horror fare ensues. Nothing particularly original which is a huge part of the draw. It’s just a fun horror flick like when we were all too young to be watching them. Sometimes simple is the way to go!


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