Curse Of Chucky [REVIEW]


Life is short – Chucky

When I was a kid I was terrified of Chucky. Literally terrified to the point where my mom kept a copy of TV Guide with him on the cover to tease me with. I was 11 when I became acquainted with the actual film franchise. First with Bride and quickly followed by Child’s Play 1 through 3. Suffice to say I was in love. Seed Of Chucky was at the time a bit of a disappointment given the cliffhanger of Bride. And after watching Curse I have to say I haven’t been this happy about a new installment for a major horror franchise since Freddy battled Jason.

The premise of Curse (which has been ostensibly marketed as a reboot) is that a mysterious package of a Good Guy Doll named Chucky appears via FedEx one day. Nica who has been confined to a wheelchair her whole life wakes to screams and finds her mother dead from apparent suicide. What follows is the perfect homage to everything we ever loved about Charles Lee Ray.

The puppet work and effects are amazing. Even the moments where a little person is in the Chucky costume for long shots made me deeply nostalgic. I had come across an incredibly spoilery gif set and thought a massive twist had been ruined. But in actuality Curse had so many more mind blowing twists to throw at you. All the easily deduced reveals mean that when the truly awesome reveals happen your mind is blown. All I have to say is watch it through to the VERY end past the credits…

Available on VOD and out on BluRay soon this is one of the best sequels to a major horror franchise of the past decade. Major kudos to everyone involved in this movie. In a world where most direct to dvd sequels go the way of Hellraiser: Revelations this is a breath of fresh air.


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