Antiviral [REVIEW]


“Do you want me to hurt myself?” – Hannah Giest

Canadian horror is likely best known for the body horror sub genre and more specifically the early works of David Cronenberg (Videodrome, The Fly, The Brood, Scanners, Crash). Recently I reviewed American Mary which was another recent Canadian body horror flick. It would make a great double bill with Brandon (son of David) Cronenberg’s debut feature Antiviral.

Antiviral takes place in a culture where even the diseases of our favourite celebrity is a marketed product where fans engage what is known as biological communion. When Syd becomes infected with a deadly virus that has killed Hannah Giest his world spins out of control as he searches for answers and is faced with even more questions.

Brandon has paid a beautiful homage to his father’s roots in body horror with obvious references to Dead Ringers and Videodrome while  finding a modern visual style more in keeping with the aesthetic and process to his indie horror peers. The result is a bloody film that is atmospheric  well written and hopefully marks a long career for Brandon as a director and hopefully directing horror.


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