Abesntia [REVIEW]


Every culture in the history of our species has had mythology about creatures that spirit people away, that take them into some unreal underworld, enslave them, brutalize them. – Callie

Absentia is a movie I have overlooked countless times when browsing Netflix. So when I saw a list of the 100 ‘best’ horror films of the past year and it was on it I thought why not? I am glad I did.

While it lacks some of the visual panache of other recent indie horror it is a spooky, creepy and ultimately sad film which furthers my belief that we are living in an age of great horror films.

The movie centers on Callie’s arrival at her sister Trish’s home. Trish is in the process of declaring her husband dead by absentia which is the technical term when someone has been missing for 7 years. Suffice to say that shit gets very real very quickly when Trish’s husband shows up out of the blue in the same clothes the day he went missing. Callie and Trish are then drawn into a mystery older then Los Angeles and maybe even older then mankind.

While not a perfect film, it is original and it’s subtle use of effects make up for the lack of a budget.


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